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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sanctuary Rabbits: Earless Glenna Settles Into the Good Life

 Glenna the Good
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Little Earless Glenna, former hobo rabbit, read the hobo signs at the door here correctly: "This is the place, kind old lady, fresh water and a safe campsite." As I type this, she is drinking chilled filtered water from a sparkling white water crock and sampling a few of the pellets served here. She has already enjoyed quite a bit of the yummy hay we offer our sanctuary guests and she has tossed her cups a few times. And for breakfast, she'll sample some baby lettuces from Sam's Club.

Thank you all so much to each and every one of you who so generously donated your well wishes and funds towards little Glenna's surgery. She came through the surgery very well, as performed by Dr. Lisa Carr of VCA North Rockville (soon to be of VRA - Veterinary Referral Associates - Gaithersburg). She was spayed and had her abscess removed which was uncomplicated and she had her incisors and molars trimmed.

I am still kind of in awe of the outpouring of response to the plight of this little gal. And she is sweet. She has been exploring her cage and standing up on her haunches to try and touch the top of it with her nose but can't quite reach. Then she seems to kind of lose her balance and sits back down. She's stretching and acting for all the world like a carefree bunny, not one who has been running the streets since winter.

She still has a slight odor to her which I can't quite recognize but I've smelled it before. It will come to me and I'll post about it when I figure it out. I also can't quite place whether it is organic or not.

She just stretched again, she seems to enjoy doing that, and she yawns a bit too. Right now, she's setup in a temporary cage next to my bed so I can keep close observation on her. She is on quite a few medications for the next two weeks or so as well.

It is hard to look at her ears, especially from a bird's eye point of view. It's not often you look down at a rabbit and can see the entire inside of their ear. They seem so vulnerable. I've thought about making her a little Tam O' Shanter to keep them warm. Or maybe I'll get her some of those gag bunny ears people buy for their dogs around Easter, at least she could look a bit more bunny-ish that way.

She certainly enjoys attention and having her head stroked. Tomorrow, we are both going to take it easy. It's been a long, long day. Left the house at 8:45am and didn't get back until 7:30pm, all on bunny business. Four new rabbits in today: Glenna and three males including one 6 year old mini-lop named Bebop who is hopefully intended for Beatrix (also 6 year old mini-lop). Bebop is exceptionally charming and handsome. Look for photos of him soon. One of the other new guys is Quasar who looks just like Starshine (now Chloe) and one little otter Netherland dwarf guy as yet unnamed.

Well it took me from the time I got home until just an hour ago to get everyone settled in for the evening and I still have to give Glenna and Beatrix their meds before hitting the hay (not the edible stuff, just figure of speech, not going to waste good hay sleeping on it, the rabbits here do plenty of that!)

Thank you again all you wonderful rabbit people who extended your caring and pocketbook to such a wonderful little gal in need. We've got a bit of a ways to go before she's 100%, I mean this gal has a lot of healing to do but she is well on her way and it's all thanks to you!

Bless your hearts each and every one!

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