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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Incoming: Earless Rabbit - Stray Needs Much Vet Care

 Glenna the Good
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Here are some photos of the incoming foster rabbit, as yet unnamed female. She has an abscess and had warbles or flystrike - that means maggots burrowing into the flesh to lay eggs. This condition is usually fatal if untreated. The person who found her worked at a vet and said when she was bathed that her ears "just peeled off."

Right now the theory is that she has been a stray since this past winter and suffered frostbite to the ears. But this theory is not hitting home with me. Frostbite usually attacks the extremities, yes, but only the tips. We've taken in stray rabbits in the past who had frostbite but only on the toes. So we'll see what the exotics vet says about this next week when she goes in. This rabbit needs multiple surgeries before she can go up for adoption. Her foster mom, an exotics vet tech, reports that she is using the litter box and seems nice and friendly and calm and no doubt is very happy to be inside and be cared for.

We'll update you more on this poor creature when we have more information. If you can donate towards her care and all the vet care she will need, please use the PayPal donate button on the left side of the screen. We appreciate it! We are a nonprofit, IRS 501c3 all volunteer, charitable animal rescue. Your donations are tax deductible.


bunnygirl said...

Poor thing! Does she have a name yet? I'm glad she's safe now.

Bright Eyes Sanctuary said...

Yes she does. Her name is Glenna and she is very sweet and loves to be held! She will have surgery next week. She has an abscess on her back and possibly another one on her side. She has really been through a lot!

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