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Monday, August 17, 2009

Lend Me Your Ears: Earless Rabbit Glenna Needs Your Help

 Glenna the Good
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We first posted about poor little Glenna bunny the other day. She was a stray found by a Good Samaritan with dental issues, two incidences of flystrike (warbles - flies burrow into the rabbit's flesh and lay their eggs, the maggots are then born and cause great pain and infection in the rabbit's body. If untreated, it is fatal), smelling like a skunk (presumably, odor has yet to be identified), and ears that just "peeled off" when given a bath by the first vet she saw.

Then she came into Bright Eyes Sanctuary care with a foster mom who is also an exotics vet tech. The foster mom says that Glenna is very sweet, loves to be held, is sociable with other rabbits and just loves people. As you can see from her photos (above), she has only stubbs for ears.

Glenna is going to be spayed, have her molar trims, have her abscess removed, and anything else that may come up during surgery. Then she will no doubt be on medicine for quite a while and require multiple rechecks with the vet.

The estimate on her surgery is about $300 with our rescue discount but that did not include the spay (we'll find out more tomorrow) and it did not include anything else that might come up - like if the abscess has spread fingers throughout her body and would cost more because it would take longer surgery time to remove it. So we're pretty sure it will be $450 all told.

So far, as of this writing, we have received $70 in donations for Glenna's care, we need to raise $380 more AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thank you Ann, Gerry, and Kristen! You can see our fundraising thermometer above and if you click on it and make a donation using PayPal, it will automatically go up. Her surgery is tomorrow! We don't know if she's going to spend a night or two in the hospital yet or not. But we need to raise these funds to cover her surgery! Please help! Tell all the bunny lovers you know so we can take the very best care of this wonderful, loving rabbit.

We appreciate it! We are a nonprofit, fully approved IRS 501c3 all volunteer, charitable animal rescue. Your donations are tax deductible.

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