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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fundraisers: Glenna to be at Bark! in Olney, MD April 25th!

 Glenna the Good

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Come meet the famous Glenna at Bark!; Pawsitive Petfood in Olney, Maryland on Sunday April 25th. We'll also have adoptable rabbits Patches, Dario, and Hazel there at that store at the same time. And at the Clarksville Bark! store, we'll have Twyla, Tucker, and Teddy!

Come meet all these wonderful rabbits and Bark! is donating 10% of sales from both locations that day to Bright Eyes Sanctuary! Bark! carries Oxbow products and other super premium rabbit foods and care products as well as super premium cat and dog food. They also have lots of top of the line animal care products and are a Conscious Corner company.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sanctuary Rabbits: Earless Glenna Eating Normally! Loses More Teeth & BES Budget

 Glenna the Good
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Here is the update on our now famous Miss Glenna. Yes, Glenna has become somewhat of a celebrity. And rightfully so, she is the POSTER CHILD for why rabbits should be house pets. Love your rabbit? Don't want their ears to look like this? Then let them in the house and let them stretch out on the hearth and luxuriate in life!

Glenna was rejected by other rescues and more. From the moment I first heard about her, it was like she had the grim reaper hot on her trail wanting to swing his scythe in her direction. First she was rejected for her molar issues as they are expensive and will continue to be for a little while longer, and we have a lot of rabbits here with molar issues. It's one of the expensive aspects of caring properly for a pet, vet bills.

Then Glenna was given a poor prognosis for her TMJ disorder; she couldn't open her mouth. How could she eat? She did lose weight, it was hard for me to tell what was happening, it was gradual. And she refused any kind of assist feeding, just spitting out her Critical Care. So I put it in a bowl for her, a low, shallow bowl, so she wouldn't have to hold her sore little jaw too high to eat, and she fed herself and soon regained all the weight that had been lost and more! She just wanted things done her way, so I let her take part in her care and she did her job.

Right this minute, Glenna is down the hallway eating pellets like nothing has happened. Her post-surgical recheck from having her incisors removed went well. Her totally wonderful exotics vet needed to do a molar trim, however, and her molars on one side of her mouth were loose and some diseased, some growing in strange ways. So they were removed (see photo); three of them. I was told all of them on that side will come out as they are ready. The molars on the other side are fine, looking good! That's all she needs, she could do fine even if she had no teeth at all because, as I have learned during this entire ordeal, rabbits have prehensile LIPS and can use them to pick up their food!

So this is wonderful news! I'm still going to assist feed Glenna every day until she tells me to stop it. And I'm sure she is still healing and needs some pain meds and her acupuncture appointments will continue for a while. But for the most part, the main hurdle has been cleared and Glenna is eating hay and pellets for the first time in probably FIVE MONTHS! So what caused this TMJ disorder? Well we think it was her horribly misaligned incisors, which were removed, and probably those molars too. The point is that Glenna is now looking at a potential FULL RECOVERY from this over the next month or so. No more assist feeding. Just molar trims for the loose ones until they're able to be pulled. They can't pull a healthy tooth so until they're loose enough, they can't come out.

How is Glenna handling all this? Well she is doing great! She's happy! She drinks a lot because she likes to pee a lot so she can make the other bunnies smell her (some of them drive me nuts with this behavior, uses lots of Carefresh, you know?), she is smiling. Yes I can tell when she's smiling. She just looks all smug and happy and relaxed and spoiled. So this little earless waif is now a princess with an albino tiara and vassals everywhere she looks. And that's fine because we love Glenna! She is one of the most incredible critters we've known. And we've known a lot.