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Friday, October 30, 2009

Sanctuary Rabbits: Glenna - Becoming Accustomed to the Life

 Glenna the Good
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Well enough people have been inquiring that I better post an update about Glenna. And then I'll post one about Bojangles' pending adoption later. Yay for Bojangles!

Glenna has settled into her new life here at the Sanctuary and we are all fond of her. She licks me a lot but she is also known for little nips now and then. That is only if I'm standing in her way though. Usually, she is wonderful. She has developed a special tactic for demanding her Oxbow Organic Barley Biscuits or her daily carrot or pellets - she stares me down and skulks until I acknowledge this and comply with her wishes.

She is also a trouble maker. And a scallywag. But she has earned it. When she comes out to get her exercise, first she beelines to Sparty Macaw's cage in the living room to see if he has dropped any of his yummy (and fattening) Harrison's pellets. Or until I discover her absence and go fetch her. Then she hops on the bed and explores it thoroughly for crumbs I may have dropped - of popcorn (a favorite), or anything else. And if Felix the Schipperke is up there too, she usually says hello to him by bussing him on the nose. I can tell she genuinely likes Felix (pictured above with the earless princess) as do most of the bunnies and kitties around here, but she used to fear him when first coming here - probably from her days as a stray and being wary of dogs. Felix is a shepherd breed (they're really miniature Belgian shepherds) so he is very protective and gentle around all the little animals.

When her crumb scavenging is completed, she goes to the box under my end table and digs around in the packing paper and takes a nap - this is so like a cat - that's why the box is there (for Max the Maine Coon). She is content to spend quite a bit of time in her box (see photo above).

Last week, Glenna went in for a recheck. She needed another molar trim and she had her incisors trimmed. One of them isn't growing so Dr. Carr said we probably should have it extracted soon as it might be prone to abscess. And I've been thinking about having them all out. She can't use any of them, they curve at wild angles, they're useless.

She also has been flirting with the boy buns over here so we'll have to think about matching her up with one soon. At first, I thought she might have a crush on my little bunny, Sundance, who is quite a handsome little Netherlands dwarf. But upon meeting him, she kicked his butt and he didn't appreciate it. So she probably would appreciate a larger fellow. We'll let you know if anything gels in that department.

Well I have the flu, so I'm off to nap some more and hope for better days. I'll keep you posted on anything going on with Glenna as it happens. But let it stand as testament to why rabbits should live in the house, Glenna's poor missing ear lobes which succumbed to frostbite.

Cheers to all!