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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pelvis Binkies That Shook the World!


 Pelvis Binkies That Shook the World!

The year is 1956 and Elvis Parsley is becoming a household name; a name that elicits the same kind of sneer from his detractors as presented by the bun himself. But Elvis Parsley is not sneering back at anyone, he's sneering because he can't believe how uncool everybun in the world is compared to his utterly ice cold frosty cool self!

He has already become famous for wild, unbridled onstage pelvis binkies that sets young, beautiful does swooning and dropping like flies in dead bunny flops. They gaze at him singing with his tremulous but raw-edged tenor chortle as he hops through hit song after hit song crafted during his days and nights in the Louisiana Hayride.

His fur is still a reddish light brown before his gorgeous markings matured into the black Hollywood-inspired look he'd later don.

And always the pelvis binkies, everywhere he hopped, always setting the trend, imitated by thousands but never equalled. Pulsing binky hips like a leprechaun skipping over hot coals. But it's not hot coals he glances off of but rather a million little bunny doe hearts beating madly as the elf king, the Elvis of the Parsley, leaves forever the pounding impression of that one and only pelvis binky only he can do.

Because he is the king of the thump, the jailhouse rocker bun who must break out of jail, out of this animal shelter and hop into your heart. So don't be cruel, adopt a jailhouse rocker bun today!

 -Thumper S. Thompson

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