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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Elvis, the King of Rock - Sneering Rocker & Rock's Original Bad Boy as a Rocker Rabbit Incarnation! A bunny rabbit!


Elvis King of Rock Whimsical Sneering Rabbit Collectible Magazine Cover Rock's Original Bad Boy
Elvis Parsley the King of Rock

Good evening folks, Thumper Thompson here. I know I've been away but now, I'm back for good. That's right, never gonna leave again. I'll take over the main posting authorship and instead of the farewell salutation of that Rabbit Photog, which looks like this:

Tread lightly,


You'll see me signing off thus:


onward in the everlasting search of the rocker rabbit and those three chords,



I hope that's a satisfactory introduction to my assumption of full time writing duties as Senior Writer for Running Bun Magazine. Yeah, that's right, I have my own FaceBook page at the link there so why don't ya stop by and like my page while you're at it. That's cool, thanks man.

Now to the news. As you can see from the headline of this blog post, the first official cover for 2014 from Running Bun Magazine features Elvis Parsley, the King of Rock and Roll. He's featured as a young Elvis bun of the castor red mini rex rabbit variety. His press photo for the cover of Running Bun Magazine shows him sneering like an angry 50's rebel. This is young Elvis Parsley from before when Hollywood directors decided he should dye his hair black.

That would almost overshadow his other wise Scandinavian features which would normally be betrayed with the origin of the meaning of his name. Elvis, in short, means Elf, like in Santa Claus, the King of the Elves. But this is not Santa Claus, this is Elvis Parsley, the King of Rock in the Rocker Rabbit multi-verse.

I can't keep that stuff straight so let me cut to the chase, the big brouhaha of bunnies. Here's some publicity art to go with it that the graphics department gave me. Oh, right, I mean the photography department.

Here it is:


Elvis King of Rock Whimsical Sneering Rabbit Collectible Magazine Cover Rock's Original Bad Boy

Running Bun Magazine Special Edition Rock's Original Bad Boy issue featuring Elvis Parsley rabbit. You remember don't you? The pelvis binkies that shook the world, scandalized television airwaves and probably also caused some of those fanquakes similar to Marshawn Lynch's beastquake (see blog link for more info: http://runningbunmagazine.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-secret-voice-of-rabbits-part-deux.html ).

Well here's the rocker rabbit who started it all: Elvis Parsley, the King of Rock.

This Special Edition's Running Bun Magazine headlines include a look at Jailhouse Rocker Rabbits, a gold record discography with such hit songs as "Don't Be Cruel to a Jailhouse Rocker Rabbit," an exposé of the famous Elvis entourage group, the Memphis Owsla, and last but best, Pelvis Binkies that Shook the World about those gyratin' bunny hips that shocked the world and even got a sneer out of Ed Sullivan.

Aside from all of these wonderful headlines from the rocker rabbit multi-verse, there is the gorgeously shot breathtakingly handsome and darling, wonderful rabbit photography of a castor red mini rex rabbit sneering at all the world as he responds to his photographer.

The spirit of Elvis Presley seems to be manifesting for a brief flash of a strobe moment on the adorable and highly whimsical fine art photograph of this lagomorph's visage. Shot against a background of capsicum spiked hot chocolate or a rustic amber, it is reminiscent of Elvis the Pelvis in the days before Hollywood dyed his strawberry blond hair to black. This is Elvis Parsley while still a ginger, really, in all his Southern glory. And that sneer, the signature gesture of Elvis for all time is right here perfectly embodied in the face of one of those famously disapproving rabbits like only mini rexes can do it. It's undeniable, just look at him!

So, for this glimpse into the rocker rabbit universe, Elvis Parsley is the King of Rock. And he's just as gloriously dashing as a red, shale colored castor mini rex bunny rabbit as you could ever imagine (now c'mon, you can imagine that right?) Good for you!

Covers are 10" x 14" and signed by the photographer/designer. They are printed on premium fine art 'velvet' paper made of 100% cotton. Printed on the world's premier gicléé printer.

We can't say enough about the stunningly better than lifelike quality of our photo prints produced in our shop. 100% handmade from eco friendly 100% cotton fine art paper.

Thank you for stopping by and if you made it this far and still want to know more about this rocker rabbit business, definitely check us out here: http://runningbunmagazine.blogspot.com because our esteemed social critic, Dr. Thumper S. Thompson, and staff photographer, Rabbit Photog, are always writing about their adventures. Tread lightly. -RP

onward in the everlasting search of the rocker rabbit and those three chords,


 -Thumper S. Thompson

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